After several years of successfully executing unique clothing exchange parties, and simultaneously volunteering as an Image Consultant for Dress for Success Southern Nevada, I decided that I wanted to play in people’s closets for a living.

Whether in a fun Hervé Léger dress or a freshly tailored Hugo Boss suit or an awesome outfit from H&M, people feel like they can conquer the world when they are impressed with what they see in the mirror, resulting in the understanding of what styles compliment their shapes, coloring and lifestyle. I believe this whole-heartedly and am excited by just the thought of helping others love who they are.

And so, just like that, Tailor St. Claire Style is born. Our business is to help others showcase their style with what they have and what they need in their own closets. By understanding taste, body shape and respecting one’s budget, I aim to help the client create a well-furnished wardrobe to fit his or her lifestyle.


"People  feel such a sense of empowerment when they look and feel great."